T-Shirt Reminder & Another Easy Way To Help

T-Shirt Order Reminder

We want to thank everyone who has given to our adoption fundraiser so far! We are very blessed to have such supportive friends and family. If you have not yet ordered a t-shirt and would like to do so, please do it quickly here as we are closing our shirt sales on Thursday of this week.  We may do another order later this summer if there is interest, but we might not, so if you are sure you want one this is the time to get your order in. Thanks again for all your love and support!

An Easy Way to Help

For those who shop on Amazon, one easy way to help is use the link below. By using the link below and shopping as you normally do, we get a percentage of the sale to use towards our adoption. You still get the same prices and other benefits, we just benefit too!

The link is: https://amzn.to/2K1n5hu

You can easily make a favorite shortcut to our referral link so we get credit every time you shop through Amazon. We linked to different ways to do this below for the most popular systems. If you have any questions or issues with this, let us know!

Make a Favorite in Safari for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Make a Favorite in Chrome (Windows & Mac)

Make a Favorite in Safari (Mac)

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