Good News & a Prayer Request

We wanted to send out a brief update – some good news! First off, we have official approval from the Nigerian government to travel for our adoption. This is very unusual, as this typically comes after a couple accepts a referral. We are thankful for this, as it is one less hurdle to traveling when the time comes (even though our travel date is still up in the air).

Also, we have been told that Nigeria likely has a referral for us! We have not received the official paperwork yet, so the details are few, but we are hopeful we will get this paperwork soon. Until then, we have shared with some of you in person a few more details, but we will wait until we have official news to post any details here. All in all, this is very good news, so please pray that we get the official paperwork soon.

Once we receive an official referral, we will look it over and have one or two doctors who are familiar with international adoption review it as well. When we officially accept a referral, we are considered matched. We then will apply for our Nigerian visas and make final preparations before traveling.

All this said – we are getting closer! We still have several hurdles to go, but it is encouraging to see some movement.

Again, we would greatly appreciate your prayers that we receive the official paperwork as soon as possible. We are are so excited to get more information and a picture!

Markus & Sarah

One response to “Good News & a Prayer Request”

  1. So very exciting! Thank you, Lord, for going before Sarah and Marcus, preparing the way!


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