Arrived in Nigeria & a Big Thank You

We wanted to let you all know that we’ve arrived safe and sound in Lagos, Nigeria! It took a little while to get out of the airport last night, but we made it to our apartment and slept very well! Today we are in the process of unpacking. We brought along some American mac & cheese (including the gluten-free/dairy free kind) so we would have something to eat today before we go grocery shopping tomorrow. The power did go out once already, but it came back on after not too long.

We are meeting with officials tomorrow and our hope is to meet Olivia for the first time! If we don’t meet her tomorrow it will likely be Tuesday. We are very excited!

As we settle in to our apartment in Nigeria, we wanted to post and say thank you for all your prayers, love, support. We have been overwhelmed with love over the past few days from our family, our church family, and friends. Knowing how many people are praying for us has made the journey a joy! We know that God is the good Father who loves to give his children good things, and we are trusting in this truth no matter what lies ahead.

Thanks again for everything!

Markus & Sarah

3 responses to “Arrived in Nigeria & a Big Thank You”

  1. Thank you for the update!! So excited for all!! Time must be flying by and at the same time feel like it’s standing still until you meet YOUR daughter, Olivia!! God’s Blessings, Markus and Sarah…Love, Aunt Cheri and Uncle Kevin (please add Uncle Kevin to this Mailing update!)

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  2. Laura Hedden Avatar
    Laura Hedden

    I’m so happy and excited for you guys….


  3. Thank you once again for the update, blog, and photos!! We continue to have you three in our loving thoughts and prayers to have your journey be as smooth as possible!
    Early “Mom’s Day” to Sarah!! This year will be so special and memorable! (Kind of an understatement !).
    Much love,
    Cheri and Kevin


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