Meet the Yagers!

We are so happy to announce that we are officially a family! We had court finalization today in Lagos, Nigeria and they approved the adoption. This means that, as far as Nigeria is concerned, Olivia Angel Yager is in every way our daughter. Happy Yager Day!

We now have three documents we need in order to schedule our first appointment at the U.S. Consulate: the official court order paperwork, her birth certificate, and then her passport. We need the birth certificate to get the passport, so pray all of these documents come in quickly. Pray also for favor in the immigration process – it can go relatively quickly or it can take many months. It is our prayer to have the passport next week and then schedule the soonest available appointment. Thanks so much for your prayers thus far – we have a great and merciful God, and we continue to see Him more clearly as the adoption unfolds. Pray for his mercy and grace to continue to be poured out on our family.

3 responses to “Meet the Yagers!”

  1. Tim and Luann Kuehl Avatar
    Tim and Luann Kuehl

    So so so happy for you!!! Been praying and thinking of you all up north … will continue to pray for the needed documents to travel. Love …


  2. Kelsey Dillon Avatar
    Kelsey Dillon

    I’m so so happy and excited for all three of you!!! Hooray for your family!!


  3. Naomi van Ooijen Avatar
    Naomi van Ooijen

    Ohhh congratulations! Praying for you and for all the details to happen as they should as you wait and enjoy your new time together as a family of three!


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