Nigerian Process Complete, Prayers for U.S. Process

We wanted to write a brief post and let all of you following the blog know that we have completed all the paperwork, meetings, court dates, and received the necessary documents to move on the the U.S. Consulate!

We are so grateful for the staff at Morgan Hill Children’s Foundation for the hard work and dedication they put in to make sure adoptions in Nigeria are safe, quick, efficient, and above board. They have tirelessly checked and rechecked to make sure we have the documentation needed to bring Olivia home.

Now it’s time to take all that hard work to the U.S. Consulate and (hopefully quickly) get Olivia’s immigrant visa approved. We hit our first snag in the U.S. process – for some reason the online appointment scheduling website is not accepting her case number, so we have not been able to set up the first appointment yet. Please pray that this gets resolved quickly and we can set up the appointment as soon as possible.

After the initial appointment, we will need to have a medical exam done and get some photographs taken for the visa. We then wait to hear if our case is approved and we can go in for the interview or if we will need to wait longer. We are praying that these several steps we have left go quickly. Pray that the glitch with her case number is resolved quickly and that her case is reviewed and approved in record time.

We continue to trust the Sovereign One who is faithful even when we are not. It is our prayer that we all can come home together before Markus has to return to work – please join us in praying for this.

For His Glory,

Markus, Sarah, & Olivia

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