Waiting with hope

It has been a couple months, so we thought we would give you and update on Elijah’s adoption. We continue to wait with eager anticipation to bring our little boy home.

We are happy to report that starting April 1, South Korea is dropping the 7 day COVID quarantine requirement for travelers entering the country. This was a big concern of ours, especially if we bring Olivia on the first trip. Praise the Lord for the lifting of this requirement, and it is our prayer that COVID will continue to fade into the background and will not have an impact on our adoption travel.

We have gotten two updates on Elijah and hope to continue getting a few photos and videos every month or two. He is a happy, healthy baby and we pray the updates continue to be positive. Again, we are limited with what we can share publicly, but we would be happy to show you the newest member of our family if you see us in person!

Olivia is so excited for little Elijah to come home! She keeps telling us that we should leave now to go meet him, and we agree. She has enjoyed picking out a couple sets of clothes and a few toys to send him in care packages. She thinks she is 100% ready to be a big sister, but we are expecting a bit of a transition when she experiences another child in the family.

Prayer requests

  • Please continue to pray for little Elijah! We especially are praying that the Lord is preparing his heart for us and ours for him, and that in the meantime he remains happy, healthy, and safe.
  • Praise the Lord that the quarantine requirement has lifted. Please continue to pray that COVID does not affect our travel, as the mandatory quarantine has been extremely challenging for previous adoptive families.
  • Pray for us as we prepare to welcome our little boy home. Pray that the Lord would bless us and Olivia physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as we continue preparations to travel and meet our little boy.
  • Pray especially for Olivia as we look forward to the transitions to come. Pray she would know how much we love her even as we bring a new member into our family.
  • Please continue to pray for the Lord’s provision financially as we pay all the fees and prepare for travel. We know both from Scripture and experience that the Lord indeed provides.

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